THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM OPERATING AS A MOVING COMPANY! My wife and I hired them to move us from South Carolina to California.

My wife spent the majority of the time dealing with Kay, a salesperson. While Kay was very helpful in getting us set up, once they had our deposit, it was a completely different story. We were given a date for the movers to arrive and pick up our items. We had boxed all of the items ourselves, with the exception of a couple of specialty items that we felt required special attention and expert handling.

Everything else (all large items: furniture, beds, entertainment center outdoor items, etc.) was to be packed by the movers when they arrived. When the movers arrived, pretty much on time, I was surprised to see them pull up with a large box truck (a rental, no less), as opposed to a semi. When I reminded the driver (who seemed to be the leader) of how much we had, he assured me it would all fit on the truck. Aside from the driver, there was only one other worker.

(A third worker showed up a couple of hours later, at which time we learned that he was answering a Craigslist ad to make $100 for helping pack the truck!) The driver concentrated on wrapping the large items, mostly in blankets, while his helper loaded the boxes, which we had packed and set out in the garage, onto the truck. When it became apparent that not everything would fit on the truck, as we had warned them, the driver said that they needed to take what was on the truck to a storage facility down the road, unload it, then return for the rest. At no time were we told that the move would be handled in this manner. We asked how long the items would remain there, and he said a semi truck would be by on Monday morning (it was Saturday that they picked up our items).

We asked why they didn't just schedule the pickup for Monday when the larger truck would be here, but he said he didn't know - he was just doing what he was told. They returned for the rest of the items, and three times they attempted to leave, assuming they were done, and we had to remind them of items that they hadn't gotten to yet. They were very unprepared, and were in a big hurry to finish and leave. Well, Monday arrived, and no one picked up our furniture.

We had already leased our home, and were driving to California on Tuesday morning. At that point, Kay, whom my wife had been dealing with, couldn't be reached (we were told that it was out of her control at this point anyway), so we now we are on the road to California, with no way of contacting anyone that could tell us when our furniture would be picked up. A co-worker of my wife was also relocating, from North Carolina, and she was told that her household items would be on the same truck as ours, since our destinations were withing a few hours of each other. We arrived in California 5 days later, and our furniture still hadn't left South Carolina.

My wife's friend had been doing some investigating while we were on the road. She found out that All USA Van Lines had no insurance, and their license had been revoked, so they were technically not allowed to be doing business at all. That same day, we finally got in touch with Giovanni (in customer service, I believe). We confronted him with the information regarding the company's license revocation, and he tried to tell us that everything was fine, it was just a misunderstanding and that some minor paperwork the next day would clear things up.

We told him that we wanted out, that no one from that company should remove our belongings from storage, but were told by him that they had just been picked up that morning, and the driver was on his way to North Carolina to pick up my wife's friends items. We asked how they could do that without a license, and he said he brokered it out to another company, Sammy's, I believe, out of Florida. We were outraged, to say the least, but we were told that he had already left, and that everything would be fine, and that we would be calling him when our furniture arrived to thank him for such great service. Well, we got "Sammy's" number and called him, and he said it would take him 4 or 5 days to get there.

Meanwhile, we're stuck in a hotel in Sacramento, with two dogs. 4 days later we call to find out where he is, and he's just entering New Mexico! Asked why it was taking him so long, he said something about getting tied up in Louisiana, which wasn't even on the way! 4 days after that, he arrived at my wife's friends house, and she called us in tears.

As they were unloading her items, most of them were scratched, dented, or just plain broken. She said she saw our items as well (some were actually tied to the back of the truck, uncovered, not even inside!), and also noticed extensive damage. He arrive the next morning to our house, and as soon as the boxes started to come in from the truck, I almost got sick to my stomach. I've attached a couple of photos of what some of the boxes and other items looked like when they brought them into the house (THE PICTURES WERE SERIOUSLY TAKEN AS THE ITEMS WERE CARRIED IN TO THE HOUSE).

When we began to confront Sammy, he just shrugged and said we need to take it up with Giovanni. We almost had to force Sammy to call Giovanni and admit that there were a lot of damaged items. Giovanni said to make a list of the damaged/destroyed items, and call him when the movers left, which we did, but of course he didn't answer our call. After three days of attempted calls and emails, he finally called and offered us $200 for the damaged items!

What an insult! By our estimate, he's off by a little over $3,000! We've since demanded neutral arbitration from the company, which by law they are required to provide. We have also filed a complaint with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), on the grounds that they were not authorized to be doing business due to the lack of insurance.

They still don't have insurance. You can go to ProtectYourMove.gov, click on "Search Movers and Complaint History", and search by their U.S. DOT # (1882970) and see their complaint history, and how often in the past they've had their licensed revoked for lack of insurance. This move has been nothing short of a nightmare.

Hopefully they will be fined heavily, or even prohibited from operating ever again, and we'll get some money for our damaged and destroyed items.

Please, don't try to save a dollar when it comes to something as precious as your household/personal items - hire an established company with a good known reputation. DO NOT USE ALL USA VAN LINES!

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Sampaloc, Rizal, Philippines #913609

What kind of service is that/.

Aerial Acres, California, United States #858665

Did you ever get more than $200? This company owes me 1900 and they offered me 108.

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