These guys are great! Within 1 day of me asking for a quote, someone called me, gave me a quote, and scheduled a moving date and time. The 3 man team came on time, wrapped up all of my furniture, and moved it to my new apartment within the estimated time frame. Can't say enough good things about this moving company. The service was worth every single penny.

great service and good price !

They are professional, Efficient, Economical. They are worth 10 stars. And should give 100 out of 100 for their servcices. I highly recommend All USA Van Lines!

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They are still at it. The damage was so much, the missing boxes and the rudeness of the deliverers to my son and apartment staff is uncalled for.

They also requested a $300 tip and did not give us the tare weights. My son and I had repeatedly requested them because they said I was overweight prior to leaving my house. At delivery, it was 2600 lbs over. These people need to be stopped.

I was told to go to civil court. Guess where I am going!


Unfortunatley they are still in business and did the same thing to me just recently (Sep 2013). We were able to find the storage unit and pick up the items ourselves. They are a nightmare company and shouldn't be in business


there is nothing good about the All USA Van Lines, they are professional thieves. I missed 2 larges boxes, 1 medium box, 1 small box, 1 mirror, 1 rug, and after that they had opened all of my boxes and stole a lot of stuff, a big coincidence those 4 boxes they stole had a lot of valuable and expensive things that worth close to $30,000.00, 1 small box had my wife wedding gown, she had purchased for $1,567.00.

My wife kept calling them for 2 months, they had never returned the phone call, she left several messages for a manager name Jovani, no answer, they picked up our stuff on 08/27/2012, their vehicle broke down, I took them to the auto parts to buy a jump cable, I gave them a jump cable, I tipped them, I bought them some refreshment even after the price was $2,158.37, they raised it up to $677.53 more and another $150.00 and after that he was tried to get another $250.00 for insurance, when they delivered my furniture and boxes on 9/8/12, they stole a lot goods and damaged my furniture, 3 kitchen chairs damaged beyong repaired. when my wife called them, they said they can not do anything for her, they stole all of my children winter clothes, all of my wife clothes, they stole all of our blankets, sheets, suits, leather jackets, blazers, dresses.

They must have some mental problems or they do not have a heart. when, I tried to call the driver to discuss about those missing itemts, he simply said, he does not have them, when I tried to call him again, he had his phone off, this is injustice, this is a crime.


All USA Van Lines are professional thieves, they are not a professional movers, they stole half of my stuff, please stay away from that company, I had a contract with that company to move my stuff from Jacksonville, FL to Norwalk CT on 08/27/2012, they had opened all of my boxes and stole a lot of my stuffs, they stole 2 large boxes, 1 medium box, 1 small box, 1 mirror, 1 rugs.

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