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They picked up my stuff 3 days late. Now I am in AZ. waiting for my stuff to be delivered from Ohio. It was suppose to be delivered on the 5th of July.

We are in an apartment with no furniture,,,nothing.

I cannot get anyone on the phone. I have left alot of messages. On the dispatch and sales number.

What am I suppose to do.

I am terrified I will not get my stuff back.

what should I do?

Is there another number I should be calling?

I payed them most of the money...which was more at pickup then the original quote I got over the phone, and emailed to me.

I really need my belongings many personal items that I would really miss and cannot replace.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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This happened to me as well. If you keep calling from you phone, they know who you are.

I had my daughter call, she got the email for the customer supervisor, who I emailed and requested/demanded to know the name and location of the storage facility in which my stuff was being held. We picked it up. It was a hassle, lost days from work, had to pay for another truck and drive 4 hours from VA to Raleigh, NC, but we got all of our stuff.

We saw other people's stuff in the unit as well. Noone should have to go thru this, what a nightmare

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #702871

Well we are in the same boat. I been calling them and they tell me that they are going to related the message to the movers who pick up my furniture.

I been waiting for two weeks and know one has call me yet. I don't know what to do either. my been since may and I told them to leave it in storage for one month and know has called me to let me know when my furniture is arriving to OK.

help ple3ase. what should I do

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