Daytona Beach Shores, Florida
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My mom and I lived in Daytona Beach Florida and at the end of January in 2013 my father passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. My mom and dad have been together for 50 years.

We decided after he passed away to move where we had family, that so happens to be in Newton Iowa. We didn't have much time to plan for finances were rough. We came across All USA VAN LINES and my mother got a quote of $1590 for the list we gave them that we were taking. We said ok because that was the cheapest we could find.

In April is when we decided to leave our home state of Florida and travel 1400 miles to somewhere we have never been. The day the movers came we showed them what they needed to take and what was not going. They told us that there were things that were going that was not on the list, and it was going to cost us at least $2700 dollars. This was money we really didn't have.

We were in a jam so we said ok and I decided to take things off that I really did not need. It brought the total down to $2300. We had to leave so much stuff behind it was heart breaking to say the least. As the movers were putting our stuff on the truck they literally were throwing them on there not realizing I had fragile written on all the boxes.

We purchased brand new boxes and bubble wrap for the move and when they were delivered they were all smashed and stuff inside were busted into pieces. I had a $450 vacuum cleaner that went missing. The salesperson Anthony said we should have our stuff in 4 days which that was a big lie, it took 13 days for our stuff to be delivered. It was bad enough we had to leave our home state and deal with the loss of my father then we had this moving company to deal with who were a bunch of liars and greedy.

We have written every news station and website that would listen to us and one Orlando news station wrote them a note and forwarded it to us, but nothing was ever done. We filed a claim with the company and all we would have gotten is $68 and that is including the missing $450 vacuum, because they go by weight and not value.

We will never ever use this company again. I just wish there was something else I could do.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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